Papillon Rouge was created in 2007 by a former Guerlain executive. Aiming to perpetuate French perfumery tradition using butterflies as inspiration, Papillon Rouge’s philosophy is to focus on pure fragrance creation and to leave aside market research to focus on what really is the most important part of perfumery - the quality of the raw materials and the juice itself.

Wonderful natural raw materials and a selection of long-lasting accords of the highest quality are the only rules in the creation of our perfumes. There are no cost limitations to our manufacturing process so that we can achieve the highest quality expression of our olfactive creativity.

We believe that perfumery is all about emotion, connection and passion. A fragrance should be able to tell its own story and convince your innermost self of its worthiness to be on your skin, and at Papillon Rouge, we aim at giving you the perfect fragrance for every occasion.

Discover our whole range of artistic perfumery; you will be seduced by the singular olfactive signature and longevity of our perfumes.

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